New InBody & Goals Review

Proud to announce we’ve invested in an InBody 270 keep better track of your body’s health.

The InBody is a highly accurate medical body fat and skeletal muscle measuring device, that’s simple to use and tracks your progress over time.

We’ll be using the InBody as part of our upcoming Nutrition Challenge (starting 12 August). In addition we’ve also redesigned our goals review sessions so you can get more tailored accountability to your individual goals.

Goal Setting Meeting – Free to all members

  • 15 Minutes
  • Review of Bright Spots
  • Setting Appropriate Goals
  • Creating Action Plan & Daily/Weekly Habits to achieve them.

One off InBody Scan – €15

  • Body Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • BMI
  • See where you are and compare to the ideal ranges for all three measurements. These are high indicators of your overall health, susceptibility to chronic disease and life expectancy.

Goal Setting | InBody Scan | Nutrition Consult – €40

  • InBody Scan
  • Fitness/Health Goal Setting and Action Plan
  • Nutrition Consult
  • Nutrition Habits

Nutrition Accountability – €60

  • Nutrition consult and plan
  • InBody scan every four weeks
  • Weekly check ins (Phone/WhatsApp/Video)
  • Nutrition pack

To book a session just slide into our DMs, email or ask any of the coaches!

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