Hurricane Ophelia

I had another mail written up I was going to send but since Ophelia is in town it seems I should talk about that.

First off, we’re closing the gym for the evening. We’d hate for anyone to get hurt trying to make one training session.

Almost everyone is off work today. It’s just not worth risking your health for one day. There’s a lesson there in terms of what’s really important. If you’re not healthy you can’t really give 100% to any other area of your life.

On the other side of the coin, we’re not prepared for this really. We heard a storm was coming by Thursday but didn’t really appreciate how powerful it was going to be until Sunday night.  There was a lot of panic buying yesterday, and people increasingly worried as the winds pick up. Am I safe from flooding? Is the wind going to knock down that tree and break my windows.

Now, we’ll appreciate that we can’t predict the storms, much in the way we can’t predict what life will throw at us.

To make the analogy with fitness, we want to be prepared for anything. And while illness and old age and all the problems that come with it might seem too far off to care, the best thing we can do now is build the habits we know will make life richer as we age. If we know we need to increase our mobility, make a plan to stretch during the ad breaks on tv. If we know we need to reduce our bodyfat, make a plan to reduce/remove your lunchtime can of coke. Small changes that will add up over time, like interest on your pension.

If you are affected by the storm and we can help, please let us know.


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