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Supine Trunk Rotations / Stability Exercise


How to Perform:

To perform this exercise you will be a swiss ball or stability ball. Yo will start by sitting on the swiss ball and then while walking your feet away from the ball, ly down on top of the ball. You want the ball to be between your shoulders blades, towards your upper back. Your feet will be shoulder with and creating a nice stable base. This exercise can be perform with or without weight, I’d advise starting without weight so you can master the movement.

With both hands together and arms straight up in the air, you are going to thrust your hips towards the ceiling so you get full hip extensions before trying to rotate your shoulders and torso in either direction. Rotate as far as possible without loosing balance or falling off of the swiss ball. Return to the middle or starting position between each rotation to reset and make sure hips are fully extended and your body is a straight as possible.


This exercise is used to improve trunk stability and core strength. Once you have performed this exercise you will see if is quite challenging on your core musculature, balance and co-ordination, all of which are very important for your golf swing.

While performing this exercise you will also work on what’s called the “X-Factor” or the separation between your hips and shoulders. This exercise mimics similar mechanics of the golf swing as your feet and lower body remain stable and your upper body and torso rotate, just like the back swing and most of the follow through. The greater separation between your shoulder and hips in your back swing with increase your “X-Factor” and allow you to hit the ball further.

When to Use:

This exercise can be used and performed all year round as it is very low impact on the body and joints. It should be incorporated into your training Programmeme if you have the range of motion and mobility. If not, you first must work on your flexibility so you can perform the exercise correctly and safely.

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