Flexibility for Golf | What you need to know…..

The game of golf has made drastic changes in the last decade or so. The days of golfers just using the sport to stay “in shape” are gone. If you want to be competitive in the game these days one needs to focus on training to help reach your potential. A good golf specific training Programmeme should include some sort of flexibility work. Having adequate flexibility in certain joints and planes will allow you to perform a full, smooth golf swing.

Less than ideal flexibility can cause injury, affect swing mechanics and reduce club head speed. But how do we get flexible for golf and what areas do we need to focus on?

The top 4 areas golfers need to be flexible at are;

  • Shoulders
  • Thoracic
  • Hips
  • Ankles

We can gain flexibility by doing a combination of myofascial trigger point release, static and dynamic stretching and sport specific stretching. Increasing flexibility at a joint can take quite a lot of time and focused effort depending on how inactive the person may be, if they’ve had an previous injuries or if their lifestyle contributes to making them less flexible (do you sit at a desk all day or drive for hours at a time?). Getting an assessment from a qualified trainer is a must so you can pinpoint what areas need focusing on and put together a structured plan to help you improve.

We have put together a series of FREE educational emails/PDFs to help golfers of all ability levels improve their game. Our educational series covers flexibility, stability and strength exercises while also helping you recover from or avoid low back pain (one of the most common injuries in golf).
All you need to do to get access to the FREE educational series is follow the link below and fill in your details; https://crossfitireland.ie/golffit-series/
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