Have a question about CrossFit Ireland? Check out the FAQs below. If we’ve missed anything, contact us and we’d love to chat with you!
What is CrossFit?

The aim of CrossFit is to make you excellent at everything. It’s a lofty goal we know but it means you’re going to get way stronger than you ever have before, be able to pick up a weight not just once, but 20 or even 50 times. You’re going to develop your bodyweight skills, from push ups and sit ups right up to rope climbs and handstands. Combine this with a variety of cardio, like running, rowing, skipping, biking, and you get an all round fitness like no other. Because it’s so varied, you don’t get bored and your body continuously gets fitter and healthier.

Who does CrossFit?
Anyone who wants to challenge themselves, workout with a team of supporting and encouraging people, and wants to enjoy working out. There’s no fitness requirements. Most people who start have never done any of the things we do here. Which is very motivating to see how far you can go.
Why should I do CrossFit?
It’s fun. For most going to the gym isn’t fun, so it’s somewhere you look forward to. It might sound far fetched but you’ll do things you never thought possible, fitter and healthier than you can imagine. As one member said it takes care of physical, mental, and social health.
Why CrossFit Ireland?
Coaches and members genuinely care for everyone in class, it’s awesome to be a part of. You’re pushed out of comfort zone, which means you’re always getting better. And then when you hit a goal you’ve been chasing, everyone knows it and celebrates that.
I'm new to CrossFit Ireland. What should I expect?
Everyone starts with our No Sweat Intro. We’ll discuss your goals, concerns, training history to determine what’s the best course of action for you. Most start out with some personal training to familiarise themselves with the movements of CrossFit before moving to Group Coaching. You’ll be guided through correct form and the workout will be adjusted to match your current level of fitness. As your fitness develops, you’ll find the weights will get heavier and the movements more technical. It will challenge you, but always at your level!
What's a WOD?

A WOD is the workout of the day. We program a different WOD everyday.

What's your drop-in policy?

Experienced CrossFitters are always welcome to drop into our classes! Drop in for a single visit for €20.

Do you offer personal training?
Yes! Most people start with personal training, as it best guarantees your long term success with your health and fitness goals. Depending on what’s best for you, you may stay in Personal Training, move to Group Coaching, or (our most popular option) a hybrid of both personal training and group coaching.



Come in and meet us and we will discuss how we can work together to help you achieve your goals. No sales pitch, no pressure!