WOOP The Open

The CrossFit Games Open is upon us and we’re going to use the WOOP strategy to get the most out of it.

WISH – Fun/Compete/”Success”
Decide what’s best for you for ‘The Season’ and for each individual workout. What do you want out of each weekend? Is it the thrill of taking part? Friendly rivalry with your gym bestie? Chance to learn something as an athlete? A good solid Saturday workout?

Each answer is good and personal to you. Knowing it helps you pick a strategy for each day and maximise your enjoyment of The Open.

OUTCOME – What’s the emotional feeling you’re looking for? Knowing this can help answer the WISH part. We’d encourage you towards your own pride and satisfaction at your best effort (whatever your 100% looks like on a given day). If you’re in it to learn, knowing what to work on for 2018 can be your outcome.

OBSTACLE – We all have “That” workout or movement that we don’t want to see. A little prep in advance can really help reduce the anxiety around each Open workout.

PLAN – If… Then..
This is the magic of the WOOP method. Here’s some examples but please pick your own.
If double unders come up then I’ll… Maybe it’s “only 20” and you’ll go for them. If it’s 100, and you’ve yet to get your first workout and don’t want to be stuck, you’ll scale. Choice made 🙂

If it’s too heavy for me I’ll… If it’s later in the workout you might elect to go rx and be happy to attempt a new PR. If it’s heavy out the gate you can decide rx or scaled based on your goals.

If it’s a bad/good workout then I’ll
The law of averages says you’ll have one workout where you’ll be super happy, one where you’ll be pretty disappointed, and three where you’ll meet expectations.

Our recommendation for this: If I have a bad workout then I’ll eat console myself with some Ben & Jerries then get back to it. If I have a great workout I’ll celebrate with some Ben & Jerries and then get back to it!

(WOOP is taken from the work of Professor Gabriele Oettingen at New York University.)

*CFI received no payment for the mention of Ben & Jerries in this post.

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