Why We Have Mixed Classes?

At CFI, after you complete your personal on ramp course, all our classes are suitable for all levels. But wouldn’t that mean some people would get lost in the crowd?

We invest heavily in having expert coaches who know what the intended outcome of the workout is, so they can adjust each member’s weights, reps, and exercises for them to get the right stimulus.

No one likes to think of themselves as a beginner, and at the same time no one is above going over the fundamentals of movement. So each class we work on the foundations of good quality movement and progress from there. This keeps us all humble and growth focused.

When we used to split classes into levels, we found it slowed your progress down. Picking up a weight for the first time will feel heavy, and you may limit yourself to thinking that’s as heavy you’ll go. But if you see someone picking up a heavier weight, or getting a pull up, and then find out they’re a few months ahead of you in their training journey, it’s really inspiring. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Finally, we learn by mimicking those around us. Seeing people move correctly helps us engrain better movement patterns. Your fellow teammates in class literally help you improve your movement quality every time you see them move.

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