Why Team?

If we gave you the perfect training Programmeme, in the perfect facility, and gave you the option of doing it alone or alongside like minded people with similar goals, which would you chose?

Playing and training alongside people boosts our performance. We can most easily see this on runs, where even if we’re not the fastest, we’ll up our pace to hang with the group.

It also boosts our health and happiness, we get to spend time amongst friends and the more positive interactions we have each day the more our overall life satisfaction goes up.

We add to this team dynamic when we bring some enthusiasm and encouragement to the mix. No one has to be the world’s biggest cheerleader, but you cheer yourself up by cheering others up. When we all do it, the magic happens.

It’s hard work to think of others when your straining against a heavy weight or can barely breathe from burpees. Like we saw last Wednesday(during the assault bikes) is that hard work leads to greater overall satisfaction.


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