Why On Ramp is a Good Idea for You

The quickest way to success seems like the slowest. It’s totally a contradiction but slowing down in your health and fitness goals is 99% the quickest way to reach and sustain them long term.

If your diet consists of 4 nights a week takeaway, coke and crisps every lunch time, and beer each weekend, to switch to counting your macros, eating nothing but paleo, switching to vodka/soda water or even quitting cold turkey is a big ask of your willpower. You may rapidly drop weight. History tells us that it will come back on quickly after a lapse.

Similarly if you’re not used to exercise you can most likely go in and train 5 times a week, lifting new and heavy weights and trying out all the fun gymnastics movements. What happens though is your body rebels by adding niggles and aches and pains.

If you destroy yourself in the gym today after next to no exercise, you’ll most likely end up in pain tomorrow. This doesn’t feel like a reward for a healthy habit. We want to know that we’ve worked out, but not be afraid to move!

The On Ramp gives you a chance to progressively build up your fitness in short, manageable chunks. Because you’re working one on one with a coach, you can adjust as necessary so you get the right dose to move your fitness up.

Working with a coach gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with someone who knows you, your goals, your concerns, and your level. This is invaluable in ensuring your long term health and happiness. Someone has your back and you know it.

Progressing through the On Ramp also means you get good exposure to a range of new movements, the building blocks of CrossFit. So at the end of it we have a victory which we can take into the group classes or ongoing personal training, whichever is best for you. It’s a myth that motivation leads to success. In reality, small successes added up fuel the motivation to keep going to achieve your big goals!

If you’d like to start by discussing your goals with us, please book a No Sweat Intro today 🙂

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