Why It’s Best For You To Start With Personal Training

We understand when we start something new, it can be daunting. Through over 10 years experience, we’ve found the best way to set you up for long term success (be it fat loss, muscle gain, increased fitness or simply enjoy exercise) is to begin with one on one training.

Some of the benefits are:

  • You get to start at your individual level. Whether you’ve been gymming for 20 years or have never even seen a barbell you get to start at a level appropriate to you. This means you get the right intensity to start moving you to better fitness, health and happiness.
  • We can identify and fix issues. From sitting at a desk all day, to that old injury from when you were a teenager, we can identify what could hold you back from your goals and start improving your body.
  • You build trust – in yourself, your abilities, the coach and the Programmeme. Working one to one with a caring professional you’ll experience wins that will boost your confidence and help you believe you can do it.
  • We can lay out your path. In personal training, we can get a good gauge, together, or where you currently are  and lay out all the steps to get to your goal. Knowing your timeline, and having mini goals along the way, will help you immensely to stay motivated and keep working.
  • You will see results quickly, and those small wins snowball into you achieving your goal. Success breeds motivation, and you will build you confidence.
  • We will set you up for long term success. By taking our time at the start, and building you up with the right intensity, we will set you up to be fitter and healthier for years to come!

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