Why Group Training?

Shared Suffering = Less Suffering.

For you, maybe working out isn’t a fun experience? It just reminds you of how unfit you are? And when you go to “a regular gym” you feel like you’re on your own and everyone’s looking at you. Or the doubts start creeping in as you look around that maybe what you’re doing isn’t as effective as what that person over there is doing?

In CrossFit Ireland, everyone is in the same boat, performing the same workout together. This provides motivation for you when you see your classmate working hard and getting out of breath. “Oh good, it’s not just me!” you think and this gives you the ability to keep going for one more minute.

When you work out with people, you begin to change your expectations of what’s possible for you. Maybe you thought you could never lift anything heavy? Then you see that girl who doesn’t seem that different than you and it resets what you think you can do. Suddenly that kettlebell isn’t so heavy and you could move up to the next one. Or maybe you think that you’ve no time to get your diet sorted but your busy friend in class shares a few simple tweaks that help you avoid the sugar cravings at lunch?

When you finish your workout, it’s great to have someone to talk to afterwards, whether it’s a pat on the back for a job well done, or picking you up if you feel like you didn’t do well. And because we’re all going through the same journey with you, your friends understand you. The bond of taking on a tough challenge really strengthens the friendships you’ll get in CFI.

Support. Motivation. Friendship. Just some of the benefits from working out with a group in CrossFit Ireland 🙂

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