Treat Yourself (Like Someone You’re Caring For)

I’m listening to an audiobook at the moment, as I tend to do, and the first lesson I got from it really hit home.

It basically asks that if we’d an elderly relative, someone who couldn’t take care of themselves, or even a family pet, would you make sure they get their prescribed medicine in? Why would we ensure they get the necessary nutrition, tablets, and exercise when so often we don’t treat ourselves the same way?

The audiobook went into length about all the reasons why, but more importantly I think is the “life hack” to think of ourselves as someone we’ve to take care of. Treat ourselves like the most loved person or pet in our life.

It’s a little mindset shift that can make a big difference. Take today for example: I made sure I’d time for training myself as it’s important to me. During which when I struggled I didn’t berate myself for not being good enough but coached myself better. I made sure I’d downtime between sessions. Everyone in front of me deserves the best me and to do that I need to take care of me. And when I forgot my lunch I made sure I got in a salad from Chopped to nourish myself.

If you were responsible for helping your best friend reaching their goals, you’d clear a path for them so they didn’t skip training. You’d help them feed their bodies correctly. Hell, you might even cancel their Netflix subscription so they get more sleep in (after taking their magnesium and glucosamine of course!)

Try this approach with one area you haven’t been as dialled in as you could be this week and let me know how you get on.

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