Traits of Successful CrossFitters

In over 10 years of coaching we’ve looked at what has made people succeed in reaching their goals. It’s not natural ability. It’s the characteristics of being Coachable, Enthusiastic, and a Team Player.

Coachable means being humble, trusting, and growth-focused. If you’re humble you’re willing to listen to outside opinions and take them onboard. Those who trust the coach and the Programmeme always excel. We understand that trust is a two way street, and it has to be earned bit by bit. Mini leaps of faith start to add up here. Growth-focused means we’re always trying to learn, better ourselves, and give our attention to the process, letting the results take care of themselves.

Enthusiasm is a combination of positivity, effort, and gratitude. Emotions are contagious and we have the ability to influence them by focusing on the opportunities rather than the downfalls. We get out of anything what we put into it, so by giving your 100% on a given day, you’ll maximise your minutes. Gratitude, as a practice, is directly linked to happiness. We get to do this!

Team Players are supportive, conscientious, and help mentor to those around them. We evolved in groups. Belonging and acceptance are vital to our health. We all need supportive encouragement, particularly when we’re outside our comfort zone trying new things. Recognising that others are also being challenged helps us get out of our own way. Focusing on others improves our own mood, and it comes back to us when we need it too.

Regardless of where we are on your journey, there’s someone who’s looking up to us. If it’s your first class, there’s someone afraid to pick up the phone to arrange that first session. If you’re one month in, there’s someone in their first class wondering if they’re doing it correctly. And being a good mentor means we can all lift each other up to a higher standard. This is where a well timed “No Rep!” comes into play 🙂

None of the characteristics listed above are traits that we either do or don’t have. They’re all things we develop and improve upon. And they’re the keys to dictating how successful we’ll all be.

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