There’s Still Time

If you think Halloween is scary I imagine today is a bit scarier! It’s 1st November, which means we’ve only 9 weeks until 2019! Where the hell did it go?

Now, especially since it’s colder and darker lately, it’s VERY tempting to just settle in and hibernate for the winter. Start again afresh in January. Because after eating and eating to excess and getting out of our routine we’re all highly motivated, right? 😉

BUT, there’s still 2 whole months left of the year. That’s 16.6% of the year (rounded up to 17.3% if you’re taking weeks left!) That’s a lot of time!

If you made some small simple nutritional changes, you could lose 1lb each week. That’s 9 pounds, or 4Kg down. Way better than putting on the same amount over the next while. There is a lot of visual difference in 4-8Kg!

If you make some changes to your routine and train for 3 hours you’ll have 27 workouts under your belt. That’s quite a lot of progress in 27 training sessions, and you’ll have built an amazingly healthy habit for yourself into 2019.

Invest just 10 minutes a day meditating by 2019 you’ll have done ten and a half hours of mindfulness!

If all you do is go to bed a little earlier in this time, you’ll start to make massive improvements in your health. 10 more minutes in the evening and 10 more in the morning means you’ll get nearly a day of extra sleep!

Yes, the year has gone by too quickly. There’s still enough of it left that you can start making significant improvements to your fitness, health and happiness.

If you’d like help on any of this, please reach out and we’re only happy to sit down with you and help you set some goals and lay out the steps needed to reach them.


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