The Third Place

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You’ve probably seen on your news feed a friend or two posting about some weird thing like a split jerk or a toes to bar and thought to yourself, “it’s just like a gym, right?” But to your friend this new CrossFit thing is way more than a gym.

Ironically enough, we want you to get off your couch so you can spend more time on our couch! That’s right, we have couches in our gym, not just coaches!

The role of the coach in a CrossFit gym is to teach you movements, guide you on what weight to use, how many repetitions and how much work to do in any one class to help you achieve the goal. But, for us as coaches, our job doesn’t stop there for you. Your coach is here to have someone greet you warmly when you come in, help you de-stress after a long day or pump you up ready to take on a challenging day! In short we provide caring.

That’s the role of a coach. The role of the couch is that it gives us a focal point. For what exactly? For that human connection we all crave, that human connection we all need. Friendship, laughter, and social support aren’t just some warm fuzzy ideas. It’s well documented the importance these are to our physiological and psychological well being.

Caring, support, motivation, friendship, laughter. Not to mention the improved self confidence that comes as a result of achieving things you never thought possible, and seeing the changes to your body as it becomes more athletic. These are the reasons this CrossFit Ireland thing is way more than a gym.

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