Success Breeds Motivation

Success breeds motivation. When we talk about success we’re not talking winning or being the best in the world (right away), we mean small wins. Anyone who’s ever reached their goal had small successes add up that snowballed into an avalanche of achievement.

Your goal is likely going to take hours and hours and hours of work. When you look at it like this, it can seem like the effort is too much to be worth it. What we’re doing then is thinking we need to expend ALL this effort now, for no pay off until much later.

But, if we see that we only need a small amount of effort to reach the next little goal, it’s not so bad. Then when we hit that goal we’ve the energy and enthusiasm to go after the next little step. So you don’t have to run a marathon, all you have to do is a 10 minute walk. You don’t have to overhaul your entire diet and give up sweets FOREVER and EVER, can you drink one extra glass of water a day?

Starting out with us you don’t have to commit one hour plus commute every day from here to eternity, you just need to book aside 30 minutes this week to talk about your health. Then if it’s right for you we book another 30 minutes at a time that suits you to do some exercise. Then the next session. One step at a time we build the habits that lead to those big goals.

You don’t need a lot of motivation to start. You just need a little. And at the start the “successes” mightn’t feel huge. They might even feel insignificant. But don’t discount them. In fact, celebrate them. Every little step in the right direction is WAY better than no progress or going backwards.

Find the little win today in your health and fitness, and build on that every day. When you look back you’ll see just how much they add up. And that’ll motivate you even more.

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