Story Time – Why we have a stimulus to each workout

For general health, to feel good, we just need to move every day. This ticks the box that we’ve kept ourselves active, and kept our bodies moving.

SInce we’re going to do 100s to 1000s of CrossFit workouts over the course of our lifetime, we don’t need to go hell for leather everyday. Doing so leaves gains on the table!

So we have a stimulus to each workout, and we adjust what we’re doing accordingly. This way we’re building ourselves up over time. We’re training rather than competing, improving each day rather than testing each day.

We add a mental aim to our workouts for the same reason. We’re putting in the time anyway, so we might as well get the most out of it. We all understand that the mental side is important, but working on all aspects at once is too nebulous. Thus we focus one day on positivity, another day on focus, then humility, then effort, etc.

Each day we’re not just working out, we’re maximising our benefit and enjoyment of time in the gym

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