Story Time – Self Belief/No Limits

– Your mind has the capacity to control everything you feel, think and perceive to be true. Take the example of cutting your finger but you don’t notice it straight away. Your finger is bleeding but you still haven’t seen it so you feel no pain, once you see your finger and the blood you associate that with pain and it starts to hurt.

If you had the capacity to change your perception on what blood was associated with it may never hurt? Have you ever thought about that?

– Apply this to your goals and dreams. You really can achieve anything you put your MIND to and focus your attention on. Visualization has been used in sports psychology for years and has been proven to improve sports performance time after time. You’ve a much higher chance of making a lift if you see yourself making it in your minds eye first in comparison to thinking “it’s going to be hard” or “I’m not strong/fit enough”.

If you don’t believe you can achieve it then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You might have all the support in the world but no self belief so you fall short. If you are scared of failing or looking stupid or society judging you then those things become barriers to your success. You see road blocks on every turn to why you can’t do something instead of saying, WHY NOT, I CAN!

It might seem like a hairy fairy topic of believing in yourself and putting no limits on yourself but the power of your mind and thoughts will shape your every decision and choice you make in life.

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