Story Time – Gratitude

Continuing on our theme of Mental Health Strategies for November, a daily gratitude practice is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

The latest research we have suggests that giving a why, a reason, to what you’re grateful for helps.

“I’m grateful for my members because they provide not only a job but a purpose.”

“I’m grateful for my dog/kids waking me up early because I get to spend time with them.”

Each day, strive to name unique things that you’re grateful for. The cynical part of your brain will keep trying to find problems, or may even initally think “this is stupid”. We’re wired for threat detection, and it’s up to us to start looking for the good, however small.

What you actually come up with isn’t important, but the act of searching slowly but surely trains your mind to look for the opportunities.

With all that, I’m grateful for you reading and watching this clip! Thank you!

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