Story Time – Gratitude Practice

Daily Gratitude is one part of our May Mobility & Mindfulness Challenge.

There are five factors to health

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Train
  • Connect
  • Think

We’re lucky that training in CrossFit Ireland gives us this sense of connection, which is forged mainly through shared struggles – like getting through a workout – and laughter.

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A daily gratitude practice helps because it forces us to look for the good in our lives. Our brains job is survival, so naturally it looks for threats.

The act of spending time first thing each morning looking for the good helps us slowly redirect our brain towards opportunity. We’re not ignoring that we have struggles and things we’d like to improve. But by looking at the good first we empower ourselves and direct our mind towards solutions and ways we can improve.

For a daily gratitude practice to have its best impact, we want to give a reason why we’re grateful, and take time to savour it. These two traits really supercharge our practice.

Finally, if we take the time to cultivate “sympathetic joy” – happiness in others achievements – it’ll boost our own self of wellbeing.


What are you grateful for in this moment?

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