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As kids, at some point we all saw some new toy on TV or some tasty looking food that someone else had, and we wanted it right there and then. Next week, tomorrow, hell even 5 minutes was too long to wait. Whatever it was we had fixated on, we wanted it now. We wanted instant gratification.

As we grew up we figured out that’s not really how the real world worked. Just because we wanted something didn’t mean we could just click our fingers and get it. There were things we had to work for. We wanted to buy some new clothes, the latest smart phone, we had to save for them and work to earn the money in the first place.

Fair point but still doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t grow on trees ?

Getting fit, getting stronger, being healthy. These are no different. We can’t just click our fingers and instantly go from being overweight to owning the most ripped looking set of abs the world has ever seen. We cant go from being unable to sit down into a chair without getting a lot of knee pain to being able to squat below parallel with over our body weight on our back totally pain free.

We have to put in some work to achieve these things.

As cliched as it sounds, consistency is key. This is possibly one of the most used and yet true statements in the fitness industry,

Putting in the work

Consistently means showing up for training multiple times a week, for many weeks, months and possibly even years. All of our journeys are unique, all have different starting points so they may have different durations.

Eating one healthy meal doesn’t make you healthy. Training once doesn’t make you a world class athlete. Training consistently can.

Just keep showing up, listen to your coaches and do what they ask. You made the decision to train in a CrossFit affiliate because you wanted to be coached, make use of that coaching. Ask questions, trust the Programmeme. Train to your best ability. Do the work.

Its not always sunshine and shades

That initial excitement of joining a new gym, of starting on a new endeavor may wane from time to time. But remember why you joined in the first place, remember what you wanted to achieve. Stay the course, do the work.

Continue to do the work. Again, and again and again. Do this and do it with consistency and you will achieve some amazing things.

Put in the work and you’ll achieve great things
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