Know Why You’re Joining A Gym

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Before you rush to join a gym, let’s pause a second here. A stitch in time if you will. You’re aware most people who start New Years Resolutions barely last it two weeks into January.Why?

Well, that’s what we want to address, the “why”.

The “Why” we’re talking about here is knowing your why.

Simon Sinek has a fantastic video on it, and book too we’d recommend.

Understanding your why, and your reason behind it, is going to help you stick with the Programmeme when it gets tough, it’s going to provide the recurring motivation to keep you going, and it’s going to help you make the right choices to begin with.

So, why are you starting this journey? Ask yourself why you want what you want? Then ask yourself why is that important. Then ask yourself why again. This can be difficult to do, as introspection can be tough. Chances are if it’s not at least somewhat uncomfortable you haven’t gone deep enough.

Some experts think asking why FIVE times will lead you through your root belief or your root why.

Knowing this root why acts as a guiding light for all your decisions. Without it, it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment and join something because everyone else is doing it. You join the local deal based gym because it’s two for one and a friend wants you to go along. But you go once or twice because there’s no motivation and no guidance. Investing the few minutes it takes to understand why you’re joining a gym could have saved you all that hassle.

For most of us here, our why is going to come down to how we feel about ourselves. Muscle gain/weight loss/toning up/improved fitness is the how and CrossFit is the what.

Now that you have a better understanding of what’s guiding you, you can make a better decision for your health. Do you enjoy challenging yourself? Do you enjoy figuring out how to lift a barbell, how to approach a workout, how to scale?

Do you enjoy working out amongst people? Encouraging others and having them encouraging you? Would you enjoy having the craic and bonding amongst team mates? Having a health social experience that doesn’t involve the pub?

If the answer to any of this is no, that’s okay. Now you’ve a better idea of what you don’t want, so it can bring you closer to what you do want! If the answer is yes, then we’d be happy to talk to you as you’d be a great fit for our team.

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