How A Coach Can Help You

EDUCATION – How many days should you squat? How should you squat? Should you personally squat? What about cardio? How hard is too hard to push yourself? How many reps/sets and how many days do you need to reach your goals?

Sure, you can investigate all of this yourself. Go through the trial and error and make all the mistakes along the way. Or, you can take advantage of the experience we have in training ourselves and hundreds of people to their goals. A good coach stays ahead of the game to save you a lot of time and frustration on the way to your goals.

ACCOUNTABILITY – A lot of the time we know we need to exercise. We know we need to stretch to keep our joints healthy and undo the damage of sitting all day. We know we need to do pull ups to tone up your arms. Or we know we need to know squats will help strengthen our whole body. Sometimes we know what we need to do but still avoid things that don’t make us feel good in the moment (even though they’ll lead to us feeling GREAT in the long term.)

Accountability from a coach comes in two forms. One is motivation, how we all normally think about it. We’ll load a bar up to a challenging but not impossible weight for you. You’ll run a distance and a pace that’s JUST outside your comfort zone to help you with your weight loss (if it’s right for you.) The other form is having some who’ll keep you honest to your training Programmeme, making sure you’ll get to class at a set time rather than “to the gym when I find the time”. Very often we’ll neglect our own self care because of other obligations. But when we’ve made an appointment with our coach it takes on a whole new meaning. You don’t want to let them down, which helps you take care of yourself.

SUPPORT – We all have tough days. Days where we’ve no drive or other gear to find. We’re there on these days too, to keep your spirits up and give you that win. We’ve days when you’re not sure if your goal is realistic or even attainable, and as your coach we’ll help this out. When you hit that first milestone on the way to your goal we’ll celebrate the shit out of it too. It’s easy to look at how far you are from your goal and be disheartened. That’s when you need a coach to remind you of how far you’ve come!

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