Fitness | Friendship | Fulfilment

These are the benefits you get from being part of CrossFit Ireland.


  • The ability to do more than you’ve ever done before. You’ll move better, lift heavier, do things that you never thought capable.
  • It’s not just physical fitness. You’re absolutely ticking that box during your hour class. And you’re also investing in your mental and emotional health though the challenges and growth here. Your social health is bolstered by training amongst people who really care about you.
  • Increased fitness enriches your entire life! You’ll have more energy outside of the gym, and increased self belief. If you can achieve that “impossible” task in training, you start to wonder what else you’re capable of?


  • Positive, supportive relationships are one of the best predictors of happiness, health and longevity.
  • The team is made up of people you can rely on and trust. We’re all invested in each others success here.
  • Laughter and shared suffering are the keys to creating these bonds. We’re going to work harder than anywhere else here, and we’re going to laugh harder too.


  • If we make happiness dependent on a goal, once we hit that goal, we’ll just look for another. So we recognise the achievements and the process.
  • We also understand that the goal is outside our control, and so our effort, attitude, and self talk are what we will focus on.
  • Success without fulfilment is meaningless, and happiness doesn’t follow from success. Happiness leads to success!
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