Feel Good Friday

As humans we’re essentially wired to see the threats and the negatives: what went wrong, what needs to improve, etc. “I need to be more active day to day”, “I’m not eating right and I’m skipping meals” “I only made two sessions this week.” Trouble is, it’s not very motivating to always think like this.

In “Switch” Chip & Dan Heath talk about the power of bright spots, finding what works and doing more of that.

It can be hard to find a bright spot, or something to feel good about. And we know it can feel like another chore to your already busy schedule. Some of the benefit to this exercise, particularly if it’s hard, is it starts priming our brain to look for the good in our lives, and our habits. Remember, success doesn’t lead to happiness, happiness leads to success.

A few examples of Bright Spots for our Feel Good Friday:

  • Walked the stairs in work instead of taking the lift.
  • Ate breakfast (when you’d normally skip it)
  • Made 2 training sessions (when last week was none)
  • Really enjoyable session.
  • Got some valuable feedback from my coach.

Focusing on the positive helps build momentum. Don’t wait until the big victories to celebrate. By taking a few minutes each week to look back on what you did right you’re more likely to do more of that in the week ahead, and ultimately reach your fitness goals!

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