Environment Matters

Reading Johann Hari’s wonderful book “Lost Connections” it impressed on me how important your environment is to your health and well being.

If you’re in an office where chocolate and cake is constantly being brought in for birthdays and people returning from trips, you’re going to eat more “empty calories” than you otherwise would.

If your social time is mainly spent in bars, your overall calories are going to go up. Five or six pints is around 1000 calories!

Whatever the norm is in a team, culture, or environment becomes your norm. So if you truly want to improve your health, look for a peer group where health is the priority.

That’s why it’s easier for someone to achieve their fitness goals here at CrossFit Ireland. You’re surrounded by people working towards similar goals, and pushing each other on. Because we’re all trying to level up our health, we all hold ourselves to a better standard.

This is in essence positive peer pressure. When everyone is talking about real food, not too much, mostly plants, and constantly varied functional movement at high intensity, it’s going to impact on your decisions. (And if any of those words are new to you, talk to us and we’ll explain exactly how they lead to the results you’ve been looking for.)

You don’t have to become a monk to be in great physical and mental shape. But you don’t have to do it alone either. Find a tribe with the same aspirations as you, and you’ve greatly improved your chances of succeeding.

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