Emotion & Environment

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When we decide on a goal, the next logical step is to map out the path and dive straight into action.

We’ve discussed before how knowing the why behind your what and how are super important. We believe that the emotional pay out from achieving your goals to be the ultimate payoff in doing what we do here.

What’s going to go a long way towards your success is the emotional support and the environment you’re in.

We encourage you to dream big, to pursue your greatness. We also know that the road has many twists and turns and it’s important to have a coat of armour for those times when it all seems so far away.

The biggest, and simplest advice we can give you on this is to find a way to be proud of every victory you have along your journey. So if that means that all you do is show up to the gym when you’re knackered and want to go home, celebrate that. The tendency in our tired, worn out brains is to say “yeah but I didn’t lift very much, or do too good in that workout.” Absolutely review your workout and look for what you could do differently if you could do it again. Then finish with three positives. No matter how small, or “stupid” they seem, it makes a difference.

Emotional support is going to help you when you feel like quitting. And guess what? That’s going to happen. Everyone you see who is super motivated and dedicated feels like quitting. It’s not all easy for them. When you stumble and fall in your journey, something no one really talks about because it’s not great marketing, having people around you who’ll pick you back up makes the difference between a temporary setback and a permanent failure.

If you were trying to give up smoking do you think it’s easier to be around non smokers or smokers? Better yet, how about ex-smokers who’ve been on the journey you’re on so know what you’re going through and can show you success is possible.

The same holds true if you’re trying to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Going to the gym on your own, fighting for machines, wondering if you’re being judged by everyone around you and feeling self conscious isn’t a great recipe for success. Imagine on the other hand a place where you had space, support, advice, and laughed while training. Which do you think leads to a better chance of success?

You are the product of those you associate with. So say you want to get strong. If you’re in a class and everyone is using the lightest weight there is, without knowing it you’d start to believe that lifting light weights is the norm. But if the bar was set higher (pun intended) you’d be more likely to believe that the feats of strength around you are possible someday.

This is why we believe it’s for the best to share a training session with those of varying stages of the journey. You can then see the next stage of your fitness around you. This instills confidence in you that you can succeed. Slowly but surely you realise how much you achieved, and how much you’re capable of changing, and before you know it you’re surprised you’re the one helping out someone starting on their journey.

Exercise and Programmeming are the mechanics of fitness, the emotional support and inspiring environment are the magic that will fuel your achievements.

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