Do you look at gym membership as a cost or an investment?

Cost or expense are ugly words, no one wants to have extra costs going out. I recently did an audit and found a few subscriptions that I wasn’t using – these costs were quickly cut! We tend to think of costs as non productive uses of our resources.

An investment, on the other hand, is a productive use of our time and money. The thing about investments is they do not have have immediate pay offs. And very often we forget this. This is especially true with our fitness goals.

A cost is buying the latest gizmo like the ab curler or the vibration plate. An investment is finding the right Programme, environment, and guidance for you.

You want to see dividends, and a good guide will lay out how long and how much work it will take to get there.

Luckily for us, you do get some immediate payoffs with fitness in the right place:

Sense of accomplishment
Adrenaline high
New skill learned
Reduced stress for an hour

No, you won’t lose 10Kg in one training session, one week, or one month even (it’s possible but unlikely.) You’ve got to be patient for that result.

In the meantime, we do want to focus on the immediate pay offs listed above, because those seemingly tiny mini successes keep the momentum going. They’re the fuel that helps us reach our big goal.

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