CrossFit Open 18.4 Strategy/Test

18.4 Strategy

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Handstand Push Ups

Each year they find a way to bring us closer to Virtuosity. This new measurement stops you widening your arms and arching your back.

Warm up your shoulders well. During the movement keep your hands close. Cue yourself with TIGHT/REACH/HEELS!


If you’re going to make it through “Diane” pace these deadlifts. BUT, this only works if you’ve the discipline to get back in quickly to your next set.

I went 9/7/5; 6/5/4 (meant to go 7/5/3); 5/4 with about 5 seconds breath, measured by the clock.

Wear a belt as that 143/93Kg bar is going to feel heavy. I got triples up until rep 10 and got 19 reps done in the timecap. Next year for the HS Walks.

Handstand Walks

Bet you’ve only ever practiced these fresh Don’t worry about these as you’ve a LOT of lifting to get through before they become an issue. Glassman, in a recent podcast, said CrossFitters weren’t working on their deadlift enough. Point proven right here!

If you get to the HS walks, over kick and let your hands kick up. If you under kick you’ll never get going.

Oh, and make sure you start your hands BEHIND the line!

Best of luck everyone, get after it!

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