Coachable. Enthusiastic. Joyful.

Coachable. Enthusiastic. Joyful.
These are what it takes to be good at CrossFit. No, you don’t need to be super strong, or get fit before you start a class.
These traits are going to determine how successful your journey will be. The good news is that they’re very learnable as well!
Cronan – The Personification of these traits!

Are you wiling to try new things? Even if you’re already pretty strong, or fast, or “know how to squat” are you willing to try something new suggested by your coach and see if it pays off. Coachable means being humble and growth focused. Leave your ego at the door, see what you can discover today, and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ll go.


Are you willing to work for your goals? Trust us, we’d love if we could just show up and have six pack abs, perfect relationships and millions in the bank! That’d be sweet. We know that pursuing your dreams means working at them. If you enthusiastically commit yourself to the process of eating right, training consistently, and getting good quality sleep, there’s no way you won’t move towards your goals.


We think that we have to be successful to be happy. Approaching your tasks and challenges with an attitude of happiness is far more helpful than grudgingly performing them. This is why so many people fail to progress at places like Ben Dunne or Westwood. There’s no fun and no encouragement so they feel they “HAVE” to workout rather than wanting to train. When you happily put in your best effort you’ll get the best out of your training!

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