Care. Challenge. Celebrate.

We’re more than just a gym.

We Care

  • Here you’re greeted by your name when you arrive. We’re genuinely happy to see you and we want this to be your happy and safe place.
  • We want to see you happy and successful. This means meeting you at your level and supporting you, be that a friendly ear, a few jokes, a hug, or even a much needed kick in the rump!
  • It’s our aim to know your goals, your why, your victories, and your frustrations, and to help you every step of the process. We believe in you, even if you don’t (yet)!

We Challenge

  • All growth, development and achievement take place outside our comfort zone. But it’s scary (otherwise it wouldn’t be outside them!)
  • The challenge varies from person to person. For a beginner, it can be getting through a class and not feeling stupid. For the top level athlete, it can be going unbroken or getting a new PR.
  • “Small”, seemingly insignificant victories add up. Slow progress is sustainable progress, and starts to make a big difference.

We Celebrate

  • Firstly, we celebrate your effort. It’s not easy starting something and fearing we may fail. It’s not easy constantly pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. It’s commendable.
  • Each and every win is important. Some days, that’s just move. Others it’s in hitting a sticking point and learning what you need to work on. And some days, it’s hitting that long sought after BIG GOAL.
  • Ultimately, we want to celebrate you as a person. You may want to be fitter/leaner/more muscly, but that doesn’t mean you’re incomplete. You are enough. We just want to see you shine.

These are our guiding principles and what we strive to deliver here at CrossFit Ireland.

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