Between Two Couches 18.17 – Why Values & Mental Training?

Today we’re going to talk about values and the mental side of training. It’s a part that’s often neglected in favour of the more tangible, physical parts of exercise, but in our opinion more fundamental to long term success than the physical.

If you look at the best coaches throughout sport, and the best players, it’s always about process and character. Why try and reinvent the wheel and make it about something else?

We put a mental aspect of our training in daily to help build this part of complete, holistic health. By working on it improves our physical results and confidence from training.

Creating the proper identity is crucial. Saying “I’m someone who pushes hard in workout”, “I’m someone who eats healthily,” “I’m someone who works on my mobility,” creates the right mindset to do what you need to do to reach your goals.

And finally, we’ve got to take ownership of where we are and the results we get. The more we can take ownership, the happier we’ll be and the the more in control we’ll feel.

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