Between Two Couches 18.13 – Mental Health

This week’s episode we talk about Mental Health.

We can all agree it’s very important but it’s an area that we all don’t devote enough time to, or know how to take care of ourselves.

Why is it important? Health is more than being free of disease or being able to do a few burpees, it incorporates your self esteem, confidence, and resilience.

We tend to struggle because it’s hard to understand the brain is diagnosing itself. Also, we can lack the language skills to communicate how we’re feeling and others can lack the ability to understand without direct experience.

There is no one magic pill, much like diet and exercise, mental health requires work. But daily small tasks like:
Gratitude, looking for the good.
Talking with people, confiding in them.
What info you take in

can make a huge difference added up over time.

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