Being A Good Training Partner

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You hit snooze on your alarm clock. Then again. Then once more. Not today, I’m just tired. You cancel your reservation and go back to sleep. You wake up to see you’ve been texted by your buddies wondering where you are.

That’s good training partners right there.

People join CrossFit Ireland for a host of reasons. Why the stay, long after they’ve achieved their initial goals and more, is because of their training partners. Through the challenges you face and overcome together in your fitness journey, the bond you form with your training partners is a true, deep, friendship.

These are the people that warmly greet you when you walk in, that encourage you to get that extra rep or know you can make the lift when doubt creeps in. Being a good training partner means believing in your class mates more than they do in themselves.

Yet, why is this important? Tony Robbins believes that when we’re down we’re only focusing on ourselves. When we focus on others, it puts us in a better state of mind. This could be a hell of a simplification but we’ve found it works like that in class. If you’re spending your time encouraging your fellow athletes, you can’t be spending that time thinking about the lift you just missed or how out of breath you are.

Being a good training partner involves simple things like not stepping directly in front of someone before they lift, helping them load and deload their bar, or not taking their favourite spot in the gym! (Though really, no one “owns” a spot in the gym! #oneteam)

If you respect your training partner you’ll show up on time and ready to kick ass with them. Yeah, there’s days we’ll run late and our boss will schedule a meeting at 18:30. He doesn’t know how important those percentage squats are! Barring these odd exceptions, you’re going to rock in ready for class and to support those around you. Because they’re going to support you right back!

Being a good training partner doesn’t always mean being a good cheerleader. Sometimes, the best thing a friend can do is kick you up the ass when you need it. Didn’t break parallel in that squat? No rep them. You can laugh it off together and call them on their depth the next time. Remember, friends don’t let friends squat high!

They find themselves falling into negativity and poor self talk? Sure, there’s a time you can put your arm around them, but you’re also the one who can tell them to get off the pity train and go for it!

Now we’re not advocating ignoring your training just so your training partner gets all the love. You can be a good training partner by inspiring them. You’re tired from work too but you’re here to work out and you’re going to find the energy. As Walter says “Act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic!”

Don’t be a time suck or an energy suck! A good friend is one who can tell you when you need to perk up. Sure, absolutely, you can be down and come to the gym on a poor day. These guys and gals will cheer you up. That’s the culture everyone in the gym has cultivated.

Don’t be the only one who is suffering or struggling. We all are. We know this, and yes we forget this. Emotions are contagious. When you realise this you realise the impact you can have on the energy in the gym. You can help make it awesomely positive. And when you need it, it will cheer you up and put you in the positive state of mind.

Are you really helping anyone by saying your legs are in bits or that last set of squats nearly killed you right before they hit their set? Probably not! Can you muster some wind to tell them they’ve got this? We’re pretty sure you can!


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