Arrivederci Aoife!

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It was about this time last year when I began looking around for new gyms and classes. I had the typical local gym membership although it never had classes early enough in the morning for me and by evening time my body would usually rebel against me. So I decided that I needed something new and a friend in work had mentioned about the new trending “CrossFit”. She warned me of getting too bulky, too muscly, too competitive and not enough cardio etc. With that I set off on my research to find the most reputable and the nearest one.

That is when I found CrossFit Ireland’s website which I was particularly impressed by and so said I would give it a shot. Colm was super responsive and informative via email so that sold me even more (if only I knew the level of banter abuse I would get in the coming months :)). I went for my intro session one Saturday and to be honest I was pretty intimidated (although really impressed) by the equipment and weights. Like the lightest kettlebell was 8kg! I thought to myself it is either sink or swim.

With that my first class was the Monday 6am class (yes the best people are the 6amers). Colm made an extra effort to ensure that I was settled into the class and provided the usual bubbly bants. This obviously made me feel more at ease, in addition to the warmth of the CrossFit veterans (you know you are). Although then there was a turn of events which no one would have anticipated……the unspoken ownerships of racks. Needless to say I decided to place myself in one of CrossFit Ireland’s longest standing member’s rack (we are BFFs now so it is all good). This provided many months’ entertainment and by the time the Christmas party came around, everyone knew me before I knew them! To be clear nobody has ownership over any racks:).

That aside, I honestly thought I would only last about 3 months at it and it was only when I noticed how strong I was getting that I said to myself “jes this is actually really good”. I was getting a different fitness sequence every day and personal training. It is so abundantly clear how passionate both Colm and Derek are about their work. I am so thankful that I decided to join this particular gym because I don’t think that I would have committed or had the motivation to keep going. They both have a wonderful blend of inspiration and assertion to get you to the next level (even when you don’t think you can go anymore). They also continuously improve the facilities and take member’s feedback very seriously.

Unfortunately my time at CrossFit Ireland has come to an end (for now) because I am moving country so my departure is most definitely not by choice. Now nearly a year has passed and I am really sad to be leaving; not only the fantastic coaching but the consistent banter and wonderful gym mates. There is always a strong sense of teamwork and zero negative competitiveness. For anyone intimated or unsure: JUST GO FOR IT. It is not just a gym, it is a community.

Ps I didn’t get too bulky or muscly and there is cardio!

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