Animal Crawls to Improve Joint Health

While most Programmemes focus on muscle gain and fat loss, it’s our joints that take the brunt of daily life (long commutes, working with computers, etc.)

These three crawls really help improve our longevity and quality of life and training.

Ape Walk – Sit low into the squat, and walk along, allow your knees, ankles, and hips to move as much as possible.

Stiff Legged Bear – Great for shoulders and hamstrings. Put your hips in the air and walk with straight-ish legs across the room.

Crab Walk – Perfect if you do a lot of lifting or are always at a desk. Face up, and lift your hips as high as you can off the ground, knees bent to about 90 degrees, arms straight. If you experience elbow pain you don’t have full extension of the shoulder, so it helps to turn the fingers out to begin with.

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