19.01 Strategy/Test

Wahoooo! 19.1 is here

19 Wall Balls
19 Calorie Row

MINDSET – If you’re complaining straight out the gate about what the workout is (“not skillful enough”, “no barbell”, “hate wall balls”, whatever!) Approach it as a good test.

‍♂️ ROW TECHNIQUE – Hinge, don’t slide (it’s not a DM!) you don’t need rest before rowing, just start! Rowing for calories involves shorter strokes than rowing for metres.

WALL BALLS – time your rest off the clock, not how you feel! If blowing up on wall balls leads to a massive drop in power break them up. For most rounds I went 11 + 8 with 10 seconds rest.

LACTATE/OWIE JUICE – you’re going to feel your legs, and around 5 minutes in is the height of discomfort. Breathe, remind yourself that it’s meant to feel like that, and lean into the discomfort.


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