CFI Weightlifting Club take over Clonmel! | Results

#TeamCFI / We had 13 athletes competing last weekend at the Weightlifting Ireland Clonmel Open (30% of the entries were from our club) and here’s a look at the results! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Phil Brown (-55kg): 28kg/33kg = 61kg (3rd/🥉)

Ruth Kearns (-64kg): 42kg/58kg = 100kg (5th)

Joyce Reilly (-71kg): 54kg/65kg = 119kg (2nd/🥈)

Katie Molloy (-71kg): 48kg/58kg = 106kg (3rd/🥉)

Rachel Reidy (-71kg): 39kg/58kg = 97kg (4th)

Noreen Fleming (-81kg): 39kg/45kg = 84kg (1st/🥇)

Alex Gibney (-81kg): 75kg/91kg = 166kg (5th)

Robert Keating (-81kg): 68kg/90kg = 158kg (6th)

Colm Brown (-81kg): 40kg/44kg = 84kg (9th)

Crónán Morrison (-89kg): 96kg/118kg = 214kg (1st/🥇)

Mark Rowan (-89kg): 96kg/116kg = 212kg (2nd/🥈)

David Kane (-96kg): 85kg/110kg = 195kg (1st/🥇)

Ian Carey (109kg+): 70kg/85kg = 155kg (1st/🥇)

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