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Workouts 28 December – 2 January

MondayStrengthMax Out Any Lift You Want TuesdayMetcon“Kahn”15-12-9-6-3Back Squats 60/40KgDumbbell Clean & Jerks MobilityPigeon StretchBretzel Stretch WednesdayMetcon“Solstace”3 Rounds12 Toes to Bar8 Power Snatches 35/20Kg4 Bar Facing

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Workouts 21 December – 26 December

MondayMetcon“Admiral Miller”21 Power Snatch 45Kg42 Push Presses 45Kg15 Power Snatch30 Push Press9 Power Snatch18 Push Press MobilityStraddle Stretch TuesdayMetcon“Nakatomi Plaza”AMRAP 3312 Devil’s Presses23 Double Unders12

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Workouts 14 December – 19 December

Monday“Old Man Winter”16 Minute Ladder2 Kettlebell Snatches 32/24Kg2 Box Step Overs 22.5Kg MobilityBretzel TuesdayMetcon“Dizzy”AMRAP 97 Bar Facing Burpees5 Front Squats 50Kg3 Bar Muscle Ups MobilityStraddle

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Workouts 7 December – 12 December

CHRISTMAS QUIZ, AWARDS, & NIGERA’S SPEECH THIS FRIDAY AT 8PM MondayMetcon“Frankly”3 Rounds21 Thrusters 43/29Kg21 Pull Ups MobilityHalf Moon Lat Stretch TuesdayMetcon“AstraZeneca”Every 3 minutes x 6

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Workouts 30 November – 5 December

Monday“November Rain“AMRAP 2011 Burpees30 Air Squats TuesdayMetconBack in Black!AMRAP 186 Toes to Bar12 Handstand Push Ups24 Double Unders MobilityCat Strech on BoxCalf Stretch WednesdayWorkout“Szemétláda”EMOM 301

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Workouts 12 October – 17 October

MondayMetconSnake Bite21-15-9 Reps:Snatches 42/29KgChest to Bar Pull Ups MobilityChest & Shoulder Stretch TuesdayMetcon“Victoria”30 Dumbbell Burpee Box Step Overs 22.5/15Kg40 Handstand Push Ups50 Burpee Box Jump

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Workouts 5 October – 10 October

MondayCardioRun, Row, or Ski 5Km MobilityAthlete’s Choice TuesdayMetcon“Atlas”20-16-12-8-4Power Clean & Push Jerk 45/30KgOverhead Lunges 45/30Kg MobilityBretzel Stretch WednesdayMetcon“Snypes”15 Minute Ladder3 Single Arm Overhead Squats R3

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MondayMetcon“Friendly Fran”3 Rounds21 Thrustesr 52/35Kg21 Chest to Bar Pull Ups MobilityHalf Moon Lat Stretch TuesdayMetcon“Damn Diane”3 Rounds15 Deadlifts 143/93Kg15 Strict Deficit Handstand Push Ups MobilityBretzel

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