Workouts 31 August – 5 September

Monday Metcon“Love and Thunder”AMRAP 710 Cal Assault Bike3 Muscle Ups-Rest 5-AMRAP 710 Cal Row10 Wall Balls-Rest 5-AMRAP 710 Cal Ski3 Power Cleans 100/70Kg MobilityBretzel Tuesday …

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Workouts 24 August – 29 August

MondayMetcon/Lifting22 Minutes5 Rounds5 Bar Facing Burpees5 Power Snatches5 Bar Facing Burpees5 Squat Snatches *In remaining time 1RM Squat SnatchGents Weight: 30-40-50-60-70KgLadies Weights – 20-25-30-35-40Kg MobilityUnderneath …

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Workouts 17 August – 22 August

Monday “Eurythmics“ AMRAP 77 Cal Ski7 Push Jerks 50/35 -rest 3 minutes- AMRAP 77 Cal Bike7 Power Snatch 40/25Kg -rest 3 minutes- AMRAP 77 Cal …

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Workouts 10 August – 15 August

MondayMetcon“Vulcan”4 Rounds12 Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges10 V-Ups-intro-3 Rounds10 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks3 Muscle Ups TuesdayMetcon“Bamboleo”AMRAP 510 Cal Ski10 Wall Balls-rest 5 minutes-AMRAP 55 Cal Assault …

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Workouts 3 August – 8 August

MondayMetcon“Air Force”For time:20 Thrusters 43/29Kg20 Power Cleans20 Push Presses20 Overhead Squats20 Front Squats *Starting at 0:00, EMOM 4 Burpees Benefit: Strategy, mental resolve, heart rate …

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Workouts 27 July – 1 August

MondayMetcon 400m Run21 Snatches 45/30Kg400m Run15 Snatches 45/30Kg400m Run9 Snatches 45/30Kg400m Run Tuesday Alt EMOM 24 Max Strict Handstand Push Ups in 30 seconds 8 …

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Workouts 20 July – 25 July

Monday Metcon“Balls”EMOM 24 1. Max Power Cleans 50/35Kg in 30 seconds2. Max Wall Balls in 30 seconds3. Max Strict Pull Ups in 30 seconds4. RestBenefit: …

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Workouts 13 July – 18 July

Monday Metcon 21-15-9 Deadlifts 100/70Kg Overhead Squats 60/35Kg Time Cap: 16 Minutes Benefit: Increased Core Strength/Endurance Mobility Bretzel Stretch Tuesday Strength/Core 5 Rounds: Max Floor …

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Workouts July 6 – July 11

Monday Strength Circuit 1A) Handstand Hold Practice5 x 30-60 seconds hold 1B) Front Rack Lunge8-8-8-8-8 1C) Single Leg RomanianDeadlift 8-8-8-8-8 Mobility Frog Stretch Tuesday StrengthAlt …

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Workouts 29 June – 4 July

Monday Strength Power Snatch Comfortable single Conditioning Alt EMOM 10 30 Seconds Hollow Hold 30 Barbell Strict Press (20/15Kg) Mobility Standing Tricep Stretch Tuesday Strength …

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