Ais’ First Open

When I first heard about “The CrossFit Open” it terrified me, now it excites me.

I had joined CFI in January 2018 & about a month in I started hearing about “The Open”. I didn’t have a clue what it was, I assumed it was for all the pros @ CrossFit not for newbies like me who could barley lift a bar bell let alone do box jumps.

Well I was totally wrong, it is literally for everyone. It was one of my favourite coaches Derek who talked me into it one day, thank you Derek! I don’t regret it, it’s definitely one of my proudest moments of 2018.

The atmosphere in the gym is on another level & everyone is capable. So even if you’re not taking part come along & encourage your mates. RX or not, you can do it. The competition is for you & only you, do yourself proud. I am a year in CrossFit & I am still in love with the place & people.

I hope if someone is reading this it will encourage them to sign up!

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